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Loyalty Program (Bonus):

Bonus capital refers to a deposit that is credited as a percentage of the amount from successful trades. It can serve as a guarantee when making transactions.
Bonus capital terms and conditions:
bonus capital program is available for all accounts without exception;
Bonus capital is credited when you change your trading account through the payment system in myAlpari;
the bonus is credited a week after the account replenishment; the bonus can be credited to the funds that are actually available on the account at the moment of application consideration;
after investing into the client’s trading account, all bonus profit is distributed in accordance with the invested funds;
profit can be withdrawn after making BUY and SELL trades in the total volume, which is equal to the amount of the traded lot. Bonus 1 dollar = 1.00 lot;
when reaching the point of current losses exceeding the client’s real funds on the trading account, all funds from that moment on will be calculated as bonus funds in full, in the absence of further deposits on the account. On this basis, in case of making a deposit, the funds on the account are calculated and distributed between the bonus funds and the real funds of the client, in proportion to the amount of deposit and the value of the bonus funds at the time of deposit;
if the company discovers misuse of the bonus capital, the company reserves the right to return the bonus funds in full together with the profit made in case of misuse;
in accordance with the rules of the user agreement the accrued bonus is the property of the company, therefore, the company is not responsible for canceling the bonus funds;
the terms and conditions of the bonus program may be changed without notice;
the language of the agreement is English, in differences between the English version and translation, the English version is considered correct.
It is worth noting that according to the European Securities Market Authority (ESMA) directive, licensed brokers may not indirectly or directly encourage retail clients monetarily or in any other way for marketing purposes. The directive came into force on August 1, 2018 in order to protect retail clients when dealing with CFD brokers.