Customer Agreement


1.1 This Client Agreement (the «Agreement») is between Royal Money Broker LTD. (the «Company») incorporated at 21st Floor, Transpacific House, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadine and the Client (the «Client»), collectively referred to as the «Parties».

1.2 The subject of the present agreement is an establishment of legal relations between the Client and the Company in the course of fulfillment by the Client of commercial transactions at the OTC markets through the trading platform provided by the Company, an order of granting by the Company of these services, and also the rights and the duties of the Parties of the present agreement arising in connection with rendering of the specified services.

1.3 The Client hereby confirms that he has read the terms of this Agreement and its annexes, fully understands and accepts them.

1.4 This Agreement comes into force from the moment of its acceptance by the Client.



2.1 The Client must pass the registration procedure on the Company’s official website, which includes filling in the Client Questionnaire, providing the necessary documents for verification procedures, established by the Company, as well as in accordance with the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policy.

2.2 The client is responsible for providing complete, authentic, reliable and updated information.

2.3 The Company reserves the right to refuse the opening and/or maintenance of the trading account of the Client at any time, including if the Company has grounds to believe that the Client has provided the Company with false information.

2.4 At the opening of the trading account the Client is assigned an individual number and the trading account is fixed with an access password. These data are confidential, and the Client is responsible for their non-disclosure to third parties.

2.5 In case the Client appoints a Co-beneficiary, the Co-beneficiary must provide the Company with the necessary information in accordance with clause 2.1. of this Agreement.

2.6 All Co-beneficiaries of the trading account are jointly and severally liable for their trading account in the Company.

2.7 All Co-beneficiaries constitute the Client, and therefore notices sent to one Co-beneficiary shall be deemed notices sent to all Co-beneficiaries of the trading account, as well as orders given by one Co-beneficiary shall be deemed legal orders of the Client.

2.8 The Company reserves the right to request the approval of orders and/or instructions by all Co-beneficiaries of the joint trading account.

2.9 In the event of the death or incapacity of the Transaction Account Client, the Company reserves the right to accept instructions from the surviving Co-Beneficiaries. All rights and obligations of Clients in relation to the Company shall pass to the surviving Co-Beneficiaries.



3.1 The client can place an order through the client terminal, and also to give the voice order to the employee of the Company by phone. If the order is made by voice, the employee of the Company will request from you the certain secret information to identify the Client.

3.2 The client hereby confirms that quotations of the financial instruments provided by the Company, are the only true at fulfillment by the Client of trading operations with the Company and, consequently, quotations of other companies or sources are not the basis for claims against the Company.

3.3 The Company reserves the right to review the results of execution of the Client’s orders if the Company reasonably believes that the orders have been placed and/or executed with violations, including if these transactions have been made at non-market quotes, in case of software failure, if these transactions have been made in violation of the terms of this Agreement and its Annexes.

3.4 The Company reserves the right to close one or all positions of the Client if the Client violates the terms of this Agreement and its annexes.

3.5 The company has the right to reject the order of the Client if the order has been received before the first quotation at market opening, in abnormal market conditions, if the order has been received on non-market quotation, if free margin is not enough for order opening, at infringement of established by the Company norms and provisions of this Agreement and appendices to it.

3.6 The client is responsible for all trading operations on the trading account and their results.

3.7 You can find the information on current swaps in the client terminal. The Company reserves the right to change swap values without prior notice to the Client depending on market conditions.

3.8 Rollover is charged for transfer of an open position for the following day.

3.9 Orders on position opening are market orders Buy, Sell and pending orders Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop.

3.10 Opening of the order on purchase (long position) occurs at the price Ask, opening of the order on sale (short position) — at the price Bid.

3.11 At opening a position the Client is obliged to make a margin, the size of which depends on a leverage, a financial instrument and order volume. In case the margin on the account is insufficient, the position will not be opened.

3.12 Execution of the order of the Client occurs at the current price at the moment of its processing, at execution of the order slippage at which the order can be executed at the price closest to the price specified in the order is possible.

3.13 The client can change or delete the pending order which has not been sent on execution.

3.14 The client understands that for prevention of compulsory closing of a position it is necessary to fulfill the condition of maintenance of a margin level of an open position according to the trading conditions on an official site of the Company.

3.15 The company has the right to apply new margin requirements in connection with national and international holidays, bank holidays and other similar situations.

3.16 The client has the right to change the size of a leverage for the trading account at own discretion.

3.17 The company reserves the right at its own discretion to forcibly close the Client’s orders, if the sum of margin funds on the trading account of the Client has reached the level of Margin Call.

3.18 Open positions will be forcibly closed without the prior notice if the level of marginal means on the trading account of the Client is less or is equal to value Stop-out.

3.19 In order to reduce risks on the trading account of the Client at unfavorable market conditions, for example at high volatility, the Company has the right, including::

3.19.1. Limit opening of orders;

3.19.2. change of leverage / spreads / margin requirements.



4.1 If no transactions have been performed on the Client’s transaction account within 30 calendar days, the transaction account is considered inactive, and the commission of 25 US dollars for each period of 30 calendar days will be deducted. This fee is only charged on Client accounts with a balance greater than zero.



5.1 The Client can make a deposit to his trading account by one of the ways offered by the Company on its official website at the appropriate time.

5.2 All deposits on the trading account of the Client should be made from sources open on the name of the Client. The company doesn’t accept anonymous payments, and also payments from the third parties.

5.3 The company has the right to request from the Client copies of documents confirming the identity and the address of residence of the Client, a source of origin of funds and other necessary information, including notarized copies of the requested documents.

5.4 The company has the right to recognize the deposit operations of the Client on his trading account doubtful in case, for example, without restriction:

5.4.1 Multiple deposits of the Client without trading operations;

5.4.2 The client is suspected in money-laundering;

5.4.3 Submission by the Client of forged documents or documents that are not forged are valid at the time of sending;

5.4.4 Absence of communication with the Client on the contacts specified at registration.

5.5 If the Company recognizes deposits of the Client doubtful, as described in the previous paragraph 5.4, the Company has the right:

5.5.1 Refuse to carry out any operations/transactions on the trading account;

5.5.2 To terminate this Agreement unilaterally;

5.5.3 Take any other actions that the Company considers appropriate.

5.6 The company is not responsible for the terms of receipt of bank transfer, as well as for the period of funds transfer through electronic payment systems or bank cards. The client completely understands and accepts the risks connected with delay of receipt of money resources on the trading account of the Client.

5.7 In order to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to send the Client’s funds stored on segregated bank accounts, to the bank accounts of liquidity providers.

5.8 If the Client deposits funds on the trading account in currency, different from currency of the trading account, the funds are credited taking into account currency conversion.

5.9 The company has the right to introduce restrictions on the minimum and maximum sums of deposits on the trading account of the Client, including the certain method of replenishment.

5.10 The client is obliged to inform the Company in case of delays of receipt of money resources on the trading account / from the trading account.