Trust management

Trust management on the FOREX market — is an innovative sector of financial services, which allows the Investor to invest money in the trading of experienced and successful Traders.

PAMM-service from an online broker provides a reliable platform for interaction between Traders and Investors, giving the Investor the opportunity to earn, without having personal experience of trading in the FOREX market.

Asset management is currently the most attractive investment mechanism on the FOREX market and is rapidly gaining popularity among investors.


So what is «Asset management»?

Trust management is: Full transparency of Trader’s trading. For each PAMM-account start upa separate monitoring on the website of the online broker, as well as in an independent service, where in real-time displays all transactions made on the account of the Manager, which can also be visualized in the chart trading tool. Such a practice is unprecedented among the whole range of PAMM-accounts offered by other companies and is a guarantee of openness and focus of the Company and the Managers on the interests of each individual Investor.

It guarantees absence of non-trading risks, connected with mutual settlements between Trader and Investor. All settlements are performed by online brokerage, Manager has no access to the funds of Investors, except for trading on PAMM-account. The Investor has full control over his managed account and can add or withdraw money from it at any time.
It is easy to use for a wide range of investors. Investing in a PAMM-account does not require any special knowledge and skills of trading on the FOREX market. No need to constantly monitor the transactions and to analyze the market situation.

A wide choice of investment opportunities. The ability to choose a trading manager, the public history of trade which creates confidence and invest in it for you at a convenient time and at convenient conditions. Available system «invites» — a one-time reference to favorable conditions for Investors.
The possibility of investing directly in a few PAMM-accounts. Diversifies risks and provides high smoothness of growth of the income.
Flexible system of partner compensations. Partners can receive compensation as from attraction of a trading manager, and from attraction of Investors to the existing accounts. In addition, the system of «Invite» is available for Partners — a one-time link to favorable conditions for Investors.

Unlimited liquidity in the online broker, which is provided by a wide range of liquidity providers, the number of which is constantly growing, provides flawless execution of trading orders by each Manager, no matter how many investments were attracted to the PAMM-account.